Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems


CITES will provide a comprehensive technical assistance program of high-quality products and services for local education agencies (LEAs), focused on the systemic integration of assistive technology, educational technology, and infrastructure technology  (AT, EdTech and InfoTech). Collaboration with a large range of stakeholders will be leveraged to create a framework that LEAs can use to develop or enhance comprehensive, sustainable and inclusive technology systems. 

CAST and primary partner, AIR, will leverage the expertise and resources of both organizations to achieve three central goals:

  • Build LEA capacity for using an evidence-based framework to develop, implement, and refine comprehensive and sustainable systems for effective use of AT, EdTech and InfoTech;
  • Increase the knowledge of educators in how to apply principles of UDL and evidence-based practices to maximize integrated use of technology throughout instruction and
  • Support more effective and inclusive implementation of AT, EdTech and InfoTech