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Fresh fruits and vegetables
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And found that some of them didn't even have any vitamin C at all in them now a typical orange and it's healthy state has 150 milligrams of vitamin C 400 grams 150 milligrams per hundred grams six and a half thousand one hundred fifty six and a half thousand fresh powder okay are you getting

where I'm going with this this has started oxidizing the minute it was plucked from the tree and it was plucked unripe this was picked ripe the minute as in its most nutritious state dried immediately and locked in into a powder there's no comparison now of course you should be eating

fresh fruits and vegetables I'm not saying to eat powders all the time okay but you're getting half the nutrition less than half the new nutrition when you're eating grocery store stuff you need to fill in those gaps otherwise you're going to have deficiencies and you're going to gets even if you wait fresh fruits and organic fresh fruits and vegetables all the time every day you're still going to have

deficiencies and you're going to run into health problems you got to fill in those gaps the gaps are filled in by the wild plants that are powdered now that's the other difference these are wild plants these are not farm plants because this stuff is grown in soil that's been depleted for the last hundred years there's no more magnesium and farm soil and that's one of 300 things that you need that are lacking

in the here the wild stuff is grown in soil that's way out there in the middle of nowhere and where there's no civilization wild plants have roots that grow 150 250 feet deep way in the ground far deeper than these things ever do look at this look at lip this is like pathetic I don't even eat stuff that's limp like this is lifeless those wild plants don't need to be watered every day they grow roots

150 250 feet deep in the ground pulling up all that vitamins minerals happen and sterols glycosides oils resins you name it and it makes you so powerful there hundred times more powerful than anything you buy in the grocery store and when they're fully at their peak when they're ripe BAM we pick them we dry them immediately that same day powder them and ship them off to the mixing facility where they


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