Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Breaks things down to oxidant
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Breaks things down to oxidant for example if an airplane or a ship sinks in the ocean it starts rotting and decaying right away matter of fact they're like the Titanic for example there's no human remains-- is down there more even the bones are gone this they're just eating up to gone

there's no more anything down there except a rotting ship in the jungles of Vietnam where it's really humid the airplanes are rotting away that are just you know but in the desert anything that crashes in the desert it's there forever like you know you've heard about these airplane

graveyards in Arizona davis-monthan Air Force Base in here Mojave they store airplanes there when airliners have too many airplanes and they need to store them somewhere they store them in the desert there's airplanes in these desert sites that have been there since World War two and they're

there as new as the day they were made because they're dry in the same thing with plants so the secret is if you were to take a plant and immediately plug it from the tree from nature and immediately dry dehydrated you're locking in the nutrition and get this herbal nutrition plant nutrition

one the minute it's dried will last five to ten years and that's a thousand times better than even synthetic stuff for example synthetic vitamin C starts breaking down pretty quickly it becomes like salic acid so half the stuff if you're buying synthetic vitamin C in the store a lot of it's

probably oxalic acid it's already been broken down but the vitamin C in plant sources can last five to ten years I've had this tested my vitamin C powder best in the world it's been tested in two different labs McGinnis and Orange a University study tested certain some grocery-store oranges


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