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Wishing a happy birthday images There are different flowcharts for performing the PME. There are short versions (about 7 to 15 minutes) and long versions up to more than 30 minutes. In addition to the training by a therapist or special courses (for example, about colleges of the Volkshochschulen) it is now widespread to learn the progressive muscle relaxation itself. This can be done through the internet, books as well as audiobooks. Some say that auditive instructions distract from the actual exercise. I can not confirm this and give you e.g. the free mp3 files of the technician's health insurance very recommend.

First of all you should look for a quiet place where you feel comfortable. Here it is desirable that you can lie down or at least comfortably lean back. It should not be too bright, but stockduster is not necessary either. Before you can start with the actual muscle tension and relaxation, you will get into the necessary condition. For this, try to breathe as calmly as possible. happy birthday images for her When you feel comfortable, you close your eyes and continue to consciously pay attention to your calm breathing. Try to consciously relax your entire body and lie as quiet and comfortable as possible.

At this point, the many different flowcharts differ in their exact structure. In either case, you are now successively tensing the individual muscles or muscle parts of your body briefly (about 5 seconds), then immediately relaxing them again. You should not strain the muscles as much as possible, but just so strongly that you can feel the tension well. When you relax the muscles, try to consciously experience 5-10 seconds of relaxation, that is, the difference in the feeling in the muscles between the phase of the tension and the subsequent relaxation.

I personally work with a medium version of Progressive Muscle Relaxation - in this case I first form my fists with both hands and strain all the muscles below the shoulders in both arms. Then I continue with the face - at the same time you can fold your forehead, ruffle your nose and bite your teeth slightly. In the next step I pull up my shoulders and push my chin forward. Next, the tension of the chest and abdomen muscles followed, and finally the stretching and stretching of all the muscles in the legs.

 wishing a happy birthday images As described, there are a variety of workout schedules, and you can also relax and unwind each muscle, up to individual fingers, in your hands for 5 seconds. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and feel the relaxation, which is to be achieved by the progressive muscle relaxation. Do not allow any other thoughts from the outside during the exercise, it is all about the feeling for your body. For this reason, you should always perform the 5 seconds on and the subsequent 5-10 seconds of relaxation close to each other for the individual muscles / muscle groups and do not take any unnecessary breaks.

Outro - Enjoy the relaxation

 wishing a happy birthday images After all the muscle groups are in line, you will stay relaxed and relax for yourself. You can focus your concentration on your breathing, or paint beautiful images in your head, depending on how comfortable it is. Breathe quietly and keep your eyes closed, you can do this for 1-2 minutes. Now you should finish the relaxation exercise for yourself in your head. Make yourself aware that you end the exercise and slowly open your eyes, but still lie. Now you can slowly begin to move your arms and legs, as well as your head carefully, stretch yourself a little like in the morning after waking up and then get up slowly. You are now awake again and very relaxed - unless you used the training as a break-in, then you are probably already sunk into the realm of dreams

I hope it helps you as well as me! Please write us in the comments, if the article has helped you and how you proceed with the execution!  wishing a happy birthday images .


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